Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The TYPICAL Gym Atmosphere

When I normally think of going to the gym I think of walking into 24 Hour Fitness that I pay for monthly, plugging in my head phones, turning up my music so I can't hear anything that's going on around me, hopping on the eliptical and half-assing a workout, trying to look good in front of the douchey meat heads who are lifting weights across the gym.

How often do you go to the gym and strike up a conversation with the person whose running on the treadmill next to you? Do you meet people that you hang out with after wards and grab dinner? Rarely... if ever. Not in my experiences, however.

I go in, talk to no one, do my thing, and leave.

I thought that was how all gyms were.

I would go to the gym just about 4 times per week, burn about 700-900 calories per workout, get bored and leave and wonder why I wasn't seeing any results.

I thought that because I was working out, it meant that I could eat "normal..." and by "normal" I guess I meant Mac-N-Cheese a few nights a week, Oreos every night for dessert and pasta for more than one meal a day. I thought that if I was working out, I was "allowed" to eat whatever I wanted.

At the time I worked at a sports bar in Denver where they required all of the girls bartenders/servers/cocktailers to be "fit."  I was even told at one point that I needed to hit the gym because my legs weren't tone enough. Of course this is a big hit to one's self concsious and I actually decided to try doing personal trainig through 24 hour fitness, thinking that I could get results really quickly.

$500 and a lot of sweat later, I still wasn't seeing results and I couldn't figure out why. I would walk out of personal training about ready to keel over and die twice a week, and was sore in between those days, so why the heck wasn't I seeing a difference?

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What I have learned since beginning my fitness journey is that you can't expect to see changes when you're not doing anything differently. I was still eating the same way (terribly) and I was working out extra hard trying to get into shape. I was just wasting my time.

People don't realize how much of their fitness, and ultimately their image, lies in their nutrition and what they're putting into their bodies.

People think they can outwork their diet. You may see little results here are there, but if your body isn't getting what it needs nutritionally, then you will not see the results you should be seeing, at the pace you should be seeing them.  It's all about meeting your calorie and protein goals each day.

So I've set out on a journey to stop make excuses to get out of something that is too hard, stop hoping for results without actually putting in the work to get results, and stop wishing and just start doing.


WEIGHT: 121.2
BMI: 20.2
BODY FAT %: 26.5
MUSCLE %: 30.6
RMR: 1262

BMI (Body Mass Index) - Contrasts your height to your weight to approximate body fat amount
RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) - How many calories you burn doing absolutely nothing
 VISCERAL FAT - Fat surrounding your organs

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